What To Buy Your Geek This Holiday Season

It’s official – the Holiday Season is upon us.  And with today being Black Friday and Cyber Monday in just a few days, it’s time to whip out your hard earned cash and buy lots of gifts for other people.

C’mon, ’tis the season.  If it helps, I have a few ideas on what to buy that geek in your life.  

And if you have the urge to send me any one of these, that would be lovely.

BoxWave Keyboard Buddy

BoxWave Keyboard Buddy What To Buy Your Geek This Holiday Season

Love your iPhone 4, but hate the touch screen? Keyboard Buddy is a case for your iPhone 4 that happens to also have a slideout Bluetooth keyboard. There is an on/off switch to change between this physical keyboard and the iPhone’s on screen keyboard.  The form fitting shell snaps perfectly onto your phone and is designed so you still have access to all of the ports and controls.

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Upcycled Wetsuit Laptop Sleeve

Wetsuite laptop case1 What To Buy Your Geek This Holiday Season

These laptop sleeves are made from upcycled wetsuits.  The advantage of using wetsuit material is that it protects your laptop while keeping a slim profile.  There are small zippered pockets and comes in different colors and sizes – ipad , 10″ netbook, 15″ laptop, 17″ laptop.

USB Webmail Notifier

usb email notifier What To Buy Your Geek This Holiday Season

Most geeks are like Pavlov’s dogs when it comes to their email. This email notifier connects to your computer via USB and lights up either red, blue or green.  Set it up for different colors for different email accounts, or have it light up bright red when it’s time to clean out your inbox.


chargepod What To Buy Your Geek This Holiday Season

Between all of the phones, ipods, cameras, GPS’s and portable gaming systems you have, it would be nice to have an easy way to charge them all with one outlet, right?  Well now you can charge up to six of your devices with Callpod’s Chargepod.  Just add the right adapter and you’ll be on your way to a happy, fully-charged life.  Over 3,000 devices supported.

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pixel What To Buy Your Geek This Holiday Season
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