The Neat Geek’s Neat Goodies – Part Dos

Last week I shared some cool accessories for your keyboards, Droid X and iPod.  And I am nothing if not a sharer of other people’s awesome inventions, so here are a few more.

Remember there are only 36 shopping days left until Christmas and I’m here to help give you some ideas for your favorite geek.  Or yourself.


How many times have you been sitting on a plane holding your iPhone, watching a video, and trying to get something, anything to hold it up? This iStand will suction to the back of your iPhone or any device and will prop it up in either a landscape or portrait position.  It even works if you have a case on your phone.  $4.99 at the Container Store and it comes in a bunch of colors.

iStand The Neat Geeks Neat Goodies   Part Dos


iblackboard The Neat Geeks Neat Goodies   Part Dos

Ok, I’m not too sure about the logistics of this one, but it looked cool.  This is a case for your iPhone that doubles as a chalkboard.  It’s a cute novelty.  I doubt it is something you’d use everyday.  Unless you have a habit of walking around with a piece of chalk in your pocket.

via Craziest Gadgets

SmartPhone Coasters

smartphone coasters The Neat Geeks Neat Goodies   Part Dos

This stainless steel smartphone coaster is just a genius idea.

A. It fits any device.

B. It’s only $3.99, so you can buy a few and leave them around your house or office.

C. The phone can sit at a 60° angle horizontally or vertically.

D. I want one.

via iPhone Life
pixel The Neat Geeks Neat Goodies   Part Dos
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