The Almighty Duster

As much as I like to clean.  And as much as I love to have my house sparkling, I do hate to dust.

And you know what?  I really don’t even understand dust.  Where does it come from?  And how does a room that no one uses even get dusty?And I have one bookshelf in my house that must be made of some miracle wood, because there is never any dust on it.

I am considering furnishing my entire house by purchasing several of those bookshelves.

Anyway, I have used everything to dust – a sock, microfiber cloths and those Swifter cloths.  But I recently bought a feather duster.

And that AHA music suddenly began to play.

It cuts dusting time in half.  And the best part – kids love to use it.  Every time I take it out, my daughter offers to help.  And while she doesn’t do a fantastic job, anything is better than the inch high layer of dust on my nightstand.

Did I mention they’re cheap?

 The Almighty Duster
I just love that this one extends 3-6 feet.  Why?  Because apparently you’re supposed to clean ceiling fans.  And it’s only $29.
 The Almighty Duster
This is a “Premium Ostrich” duster for $15.78.  I guess that means the feathers come from the fastest ostrich, which is harder to catch so they charge more.
 The Almighty Duster
$11 and it’s made of lambswool.  I’m not sure what that means, but it’s only $11!

 The Almighty Duster

 The Almighty Duster
This one is perfect if your need to dust and your husband has a thing for you in a French maid getup.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to grab the duster and wave it in front of my daughter.
 The Almighty Duster The Almighty Duster

 The Almighty Duster
 The Almighty Duster

pixel The Almighty Duster
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