Texting, It’s Not Just For Phones Anymore

Texting is a major communication tool. It has a quicker response time than email. And it’s not as annoying as having to make a phone call and actually talk to people.

Nowadays everyone texts – even those non-geeks who are still rocking the flip phone. Even my mother.

But sometimes you’re sitting at your desk and it’s an annoyance if someone texts you; you have to sit there and conduct a conversation on your tiny phone when your nice big keyboard is right there.

Texty Texting, Its Not Just For Phones Anymore

With Texty you can have your SMS texts forwarded from your Android phone to your desktop via cloud computing and reply using your computer.

It is currently in beta and to install on your phone you must download the free app from the Android Market. You’ll also need to download the Google Chrome extension – it’s similar to the Chrome to phone feature.

Perfect for when you’re at work – your boss will never know you’re texting your friends while you’re┬ádiligently typing away on your computer.

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pixel Texting, Its Not Just For Phones Anymore
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