Organize Your Receipts With Android’s Lemon App

Guest post written by Tim from AndroidTipGuys:

I need to be honest with you. Organization doesn’t come naturally to me. That’s why I need tools and devices set up in order to function. Taking care of paperwork is no exception. Naturally, when it comes receipts, they’re almost impossible for me to keep track of without something to help. That’s why when I came across the Lemon Android app my eyes lit up.

With the Lemon Android app (also available for iPhone, WindowsPhone, Blackberry, and Symbian) all you have to do is snap a picture of a receipt and the app scans the sheet for the information and extracts it for you.

Lemon Main Screen Receipt Organize Your Receipts With Androids Lemon App

 The app is really cool because you’re not only saving the receipt digitally, but you’re also organizing your expenses at the same time. Lemon attempts to automatically categorize the expense (if it does make a mistake, it’s easy to repair) and you can also add your own custom tags to further organize your spending.

Lemon Labels Receipt Organize Your Receipts With Androids Lemon App

As you can see, the app does a pretty good job scanning and extracting the information from the printed receipt. The image of the original is still saved for you so you can always check it out later if you need to. Oh, and since the expenses are all categorized for you, you can check out reports and even have them emailed to you.

Lemon is also a web app with a fairly easy to use website ( This means that you can check out your expenses and receipts from any computer with Internet access. In fact, you’re even given your own email address so you can email receipt images from anywhere.

The Lemon app is free but there are paid versions of the service as well which offer perks such as an ad-free experience and the extracting of ALL receipt information (taxes, tips, items, etc.). Even the free plan is useful enough to get receipts organized and help with a budget though. If you are an unorganized klutz like I am, the Lemon app can be the savior of your receipt nightmares!

You can normally find Tim over at Android Tip Guys – “We exist to help you get the most out of your Android!”

pixel Organize Your Receipts With Androids Lemon App
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    This is a really neat app. This will be very helpful for people (like me) who have very low organizational skills and who are slow in calculation. LOL! Thanks for sharing this with us!
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