Organize Your Grocery List With Grocery Gadget

When I’m grocery shopping and I see another geek with a smart phone or tablet in hand, checking items off their list, I give a little smile to acknowledge our matching geek-ness. I would like to ask them what program they’re using and what they think, but I don’t want to be the crazy-lady geek.

I have written about list apps before, but I wanted to elaborate on one specific one that I love – Grocery Gadget.

Currently I use Grocery King. But if Grocery Gadget had been available for Android when I was app shopping, I would have gladly laid out the $2.99 for it. Why? For two reasons – the web portal and auto arrange function.

 Organize Your Grocery List With Grocery Gadget

Grocery Gadget Organize Your Grocery List With Grocery Gadget

The web portal allows you to access your list from a website and manage it that from any computer. It also allows you to match items to coupons, manage your recipes and import data. And because of the app’s use of the cloud, it means all of your data is backed-up.

The auto-arrange will save you precious time because the app will rearrange items as you check them off the list. So the next time you go shopping, the items will appear in the aisle order of the store. A-maz-ing. Grocery King does have this function, but you have to manually rearrange the aisles.

Other features of this app include a barcode scanner to scan your items instead of typing them in. You can create multiple lists and and arrange them how you like. And you can compare pricing with color coding.

Grocery Gadget is available for iPhone, iPad Organize Your Grocery List With Grocery Gadget, Android, BlackBerry and WP7.

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link.

pixel Organize Your Grocery List With Grocery Gadget
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