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Summer is almost here and it’s time for everyone to start getting ready for their summer vacations. If you’re lucky, you’re going somewhere fun or exotic. If you’re unlucky – like yours truly – you’re heading up north to New York to see family. Note: if you’re a member of my lovely family, I was talking about other family, not you.

But have you ever gotten home from a vacation  – and after you unpacked, did 17 loads of laundry and uploaded your photos – you can’t remember the name of that fantastic steak house you went to.  Or while you’re enjoying your vacation, you forgot the address of said fantastic steak house?

A trip journal would be convenient. And a trip journal app for your phone would be really convenient.

trip journal Organize & Document Your Travels   Trip Journal App

The Trip Journal app will not only record all the details of your trip, it will also allow you to document your adventures and share them with friends and family. Need to map out your itinerary? The app will do that and keep track of stats, including distance, time and geography traveled.

If you get lost during your travels, the app will show your current position in real time and give you directions to your next destination. Maps of your trip will be archived, so you can save it for your next trip there or just as a memory of where you have been.

Want to make your friends jealous of your trip? Don’t lie, of course you do. Integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa and You Tube, the app allows you to send updates, as well as photos and videos. Through the app’s Google Earth integration, you can add notes about your journey’s and blog entries.

There is also a Facebook app through Trip Journal, which would allow you to share your entire trip on your Facebook wall. You can also view other friend’s trips if they use the Facebook app.

Trip Journal is available for $2.99 for your iPhone Organize & Document Your Travels   Trip Journal App or Android phone. Too bad your trip wasn’t that cheap.

Note: the website does say that it’s available for Bada and Symbian, but when you click on the links, the app is not found.

Disclosure: this post contains an affiliate link.


pixel Organize & Document Your Travels   Trip Journal App
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