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For those of you who don’t know, Muji is a Japanese chain of stores – located in Asia and Europe with a few stores in New York – that sells everything from furniture to clothes to pens (they also have an online store).  The main concept behind Muji is a minimalistic, fresh look at quality products that are reasonably priced.

Muji is simplicity.  And it would only make sense that they would develop a line of productivity apps.  Right now, Muji’s calendar, notebook and to go apps are available for your iPhone or iPad from the iTunes app store.

Muji Calendar

Muji calendar Muji Apps For iPad & iPhone

Muji calendar is a free calendar app that claims to be “so instinctive and smooth to use that it becomes part of your life before you realize it.”  It easily syncs with your Google calendar for an easy switch.  If you’re using it on an iPad, you can conveniently see your entire busy day or week without scrolling.

Search and drag functions make this calendar easy to use.  And the fact that it is free makes it easily appealing.

Muji Notebook

Muji notebook Muji Apps For iPad & iPhone

According to their website, the handwriting recognition and text input on the Muji Notebook are so advanced that they make for fast and effortless text entry.  Importing photos and PDF’s is also easy and you have the ability to make your own annotations; the finished product can then be exported as an image file.   And as for pages, there are four different types to choose from: ruled, gridded, quadrant, and plain.  It’s the only Muji app that you’ll have to pay for, it’s $3.99.

Muji To Go

Muji on the go Muji Apps For iPad & iPhone

Muji To Go is geared toward people on the move.  Need to calculate exchange rates when you’re in India?  Need a world clock, so you know what time to call your clients in Hong Kong?  Need the weather forecasts for different cities and countries?  Need to know what kind of adapter required to charge your iPad while you’re in Sri Lanka?  Muji to Go has you covered.  This free app has everything you’ll need for your next trip.

pixel Muji Apps For iPad & iPhone
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