Lonely? Download A Talking Pet

My daughter is an only child, and at four and a half, sometimes she can get a little lonely.

And at four and a half, she’s also very tech savvy having recently asked me if she could download something.  So apps are a big part of my parenting.  I should write a parenting book, I know.

Our most recent find is just perfect.  It’s perfect for my chatty little girl who is desperate for someone to play with.  Or just a pet.

Talking Tom Cat

Talking Tom Cat Lonely?  Download A Talking Pet

This fun app is free for both iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (with connected microphone) and Android phones.  Tom is an adorable cat that repeats everything you say in a funny voice.  You can also pet him, poke him, pull his tail and feed him milk.

Another fun feature allows you to record your cutest moments with Tom and send them via email or text.  Or you can upload them to Facebook or You Tube.

Right now our Talking Tom Cat is figuring out how much baby-sitting money I owe him.

pixel Lonely?  Download A Talking Pet
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