Last Minute Gift For The Non-Geek In Your Life

So it’s Christmas Eve, Eve, and you haven’t finished your shopping.  No worries.

You have a few choices – you can get over to, where you can still order up until 3:30PST today in order to receive the gift tomorrow. And deplete your 401k to pay for the shipping.  

You can drive to the mall where I’m sure they’ll be no crowds or lines.  Or you can make something.  People love those coupon books for things like free hugs.

But wait, if you’re like me and has a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle that still has not learned how to copy and paste and who calls you for problem, here is an idea for you.

The Tech Support Care Package from Google.

Tech Support Last Minute Gift For The Non Geek In Your Life

There are 52 instructional videos to chose from, with titles such as ‘change your default homepage’, ‘change your email address’, ‘share photos’, and ‘transfer files between computers’.

Simply check off any of the videos you think they’ll benefit from, and send off an email.

Just hope that they’ll be able to open the email.

pixel Last Minute Gift For The Non Geek In Your Life
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