How Does 4G Improve your Mobile Experience?

4G has been talked about as the future for mobile Internet for some time, but is finally becoming a reality all over the world.

4G is the fourth generation form of mobile phone Internet, and provides superfast broadband connections for users, with speeds able to hit 100 Mb and 1Gb for downloads and uploads. 4G also has the potential to speed up connections for tablet computer and laptop USB dongles. South Korea, the world’s leader in terms of broadband speeds, has had a WiMax form of 4G in place since 2006, while LTE 4G has been used in Scandinavia and parts of Europe.

Delays to gaining 4G speeds in the UK have been due to disputes over the allocation of spectrums for services, with available frequencies currently being used by cable and wireless phone companies, are promising to launch 4G LTE networks within the next year or so.

What does 4G mean, though, for day to day personal and business phone users?

4g How Does 4G Improve your Mobile Experience?

Key Benefits

Faster Connection Speeds

The main benefit of 4G is that it will significantly increase the Internet speed of mobile phones, in some cases by more than ten times. Speeds of 100 Mb and even 1Gb per second downloads are theoretically possible, and if used, could boost mobile commerce through contactless payments, and browsing on the go. Faster connections will also enable more stable communications and video calls between users with a 4G connection.


Another benefit to having 4G on a phone is that entertainment content will be much easier to download. Users should be able to download high definition video content at 100 Mbps, as well as being able to effectively stream content via YouTube and other sites without experiencing significant buffering. Music files and games will also be enhanced in this way.

Business Advantages

4G Internet for phones will also affect businesses in multiple ways. With a faster connection, it will be possible to hold more stable video calls, while also being able to exchange large amounts of data between devices without experiencing crashes or delays.

Tablet Power

4G will also benefit tablets, with future versions of the iPad and other devices able to rely on much faster connections. Wi Fi enabled tablets will be able to deal with much faster streaming content, as well as being able to browse without delays.

General Economic Boosts

In the UK, Everything Everywhere – the collaboration between Orange and T Mobile – claim that 4G will more generally boost the UK economy by about 0.5%. These figures are based on the assumption that businesses will spend more on Internet transactions, and will invest more on Web 2.0 services and apps within the UK.


A 4G connection will enable much easier multitasking for phones, which won’t have to deal with as many bandwidth limitations as 3G connections.

Cloud Computing

4G connections are also ideal for storing and accessing data and files via cloud services. Users will be able to download and stream files on the go, making it possible to work on more projects when away from a main computer.

Rob James is a technophile working in conjunction with RPC recycle mobile phones in the UK.  Rob can be found blogging about the latest in mobiles, tablets, PC’s, and apps.

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pixel How Does 4G Improve your Mobile Experience?
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