HomeBudget App With Family Sync

Someone once told me that running a home is like running a small business.  Although it is a bit harder to fire your “employees” – I’m talking about you 5-year old who sucks at cooking and laundry. And just like any business, I am always looking for ways to run my home better.

HomeBudget is the only app you’ll ever need to run your tight ship.  HomeBudget App With Family Sync

Available for iOS, HomeBudget is an all-in-one app for all of your home needs. Keep track of your expenses, income, bills, budget, and bank and credit card accounts.

HomeBudget HomeBudget App With Family Sync

Create your month to month expenses and have the ability to edit, delete and browse. You can associate an account and payee with a specific expense and if applicable, you can even add a photo. When you add any bills, you can make and track payments and even view list on the calendar.  Enter in your income and the app will show you your income-to-expenses/bills ratio.

Set a budget, so you stay on track and check it on the graph. There are also reports for you to see your trend chart for the last 6 months. Reports can be exported via email. The coolest feature is the Family Sync. The app will automatically sync to multiple devices over 3G and WiFi, so you and your spouse can work on the same budget.

Now the app is $4.99, but there is a free version that limits how many expense and income entries you’re allowed. It’s basically like a trial version. Definitely worth checking out.

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