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Now that I am unemployed – because we’re in the process of relocating – this site is my job.

Stop laughing.  And click on those ads, will you.

And because this is my job, where I happen to work just feet from my bed and right next to a television that plays old 90210 episodes, I tend to get distracted.  And things like an email notification or clicking on Twitter and Facebook are also major diversions.

Until now.

Now there is Freedom.

Freedom is a simple productivity application that locks you away from the internet on Mac or Windows computers for up to eight hours at a time. Freedom frees you from distractions, allowing you time to write, analyze, code, or create. At the end of your offline period, Freedom allows you back on the internet

Freedom image Free Yourself

For just $10, you just download this program, specify how much time you’d like to not be able to access the internet and enjoy your freedom.

Now if you’re a cheater there is a way around the program.  Just restart your computer.  Since Freedom disables your network adapters, you won’t even receive email while it’s running.

Free at last.

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