Five Eco Friendly Cases For The iPad 3

Many people are pleasantly surprised when they learn that the 3rd generation iPad (3) is actually an eco gadget. Yes, the unit is green in the sense that using it for note taking and typing will drastically cut down on ink and paper usage, but the iPad 3 is also eco friendly in makeup. It contains zero arsenic and mercury and it’s free of toxic BFR and PVC chemicals and its body is made from recycled aluminum and glass which makes greenies and techies the world over proud to own one.
So, now that you finally have the newest version of the iPad in your possession, you have to protect it, right? And while there are many options in the way of cases, it just makes more sense to protect an eco gadget with a sustainable case. We have found you five eco friendly iPad 3 cases.

Wool Felt iPad Case

This beautiful wool felt case for the iPad 3 is made by Grove. It features a bamboo exterior with super soft wool felt panel, has integrated magnets and is handmade in Portland, Oregon.

Price: $139.00

Wool Felt iPad 3 Case Five Eco Friendly Cases For The iPad 3
Green Shop iPad Case

This custom peace ipad 3 case is the ultimate in green expression. Its message generates inspiration, uniqueness and earth friendliness not too mention would look great paired up with your fabulous new iPad 3 from Apple.

Price: $58.00

Peace iPad 3 Case Five Eco Friendly Cases For The iPad 3
Anthracite Wool Felt iPad Case 

This 100% natural envelope inspired iPad 3 case is sleek, modern and lightweight. The case which we found on Etsy provides comfort and cushion for your unit while it protects against scratches, dust and moisture.

Price: $55.00

Anthracite Wool Felt iPad 3 Case1 Five Eco Friendly Cases For The iPad 3
Contega Case for iPad

This handmade wooden iPad case is made to hold your gadget securely in its sturdy wooden frame. It’s designed to amplify the beauty of your iPad all while providing safety and protection.

Price: $99.99

Contega Case for iPad 3 Five Eco Friendly Cases For The iPad 3
Cocones iPad Sleeve

This minimalist designed felt and leather iPad 3 case is unisex, making it an ideal choice for either a man or woman. It’s made with all natural 100% wool felt with black leather straps and suede patched corners. The sexy sleeve would look good in any sort of office type environment and or a classic corporate setting.

Price: $59.00

Cocones iPad 3 Sleeve1 Five Eco Friendly Cases For The iPad 3 That concludes our roundup of cool, smart and earth friendly cases for the new iPad 3. Hope you have enjoyed our five picks and do let us know what you think?

Guest contribution by Missy who writes on behalf of a fuel cards for businesses online service provider Track Compare UK. Missy also loves to showcase eco tech gadgets and sustainable retailers.

pixel Five Eco Friendly Cases For The iPad 3
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  1. Bingly
    May 31, 2012 at 11:01 pm

    Nice list but most are pricey ($100+ ???) I own a Soul Sleeve and am happy with it so far. Pretty cheap, too. I love the eco-friendly stuff though!!

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