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We all do it – we sign up on a site to win an iPad, or we register to watch a funny video our pal sent us, or we buy an item from an embarrassing website. Whatever the circumstance, we don’t want to use our real email address.

That’s where disposable email addresses – or DEA’s – come in handy. And now, Microsoft’s popular email service, Hotmail, offers the option.With this new option in Hotmail, you can create up to five disposable email accounts that are linked to your main email address. Disposable email addresses can be kept for as long as you wish and you can even send emails from this account.  This alias email looks like a typical email address and will keep your main address private.

Hotmail disposable email Disposable Email Addresses

A similar service is available through Yahoo!, but you will need to purchase their Mail Plus upgrade for $19.99 a year.

Keep in mind that there are other disposable email services, but they’re not all perfect.  Either your address would be at the services’ domain name – so if you give someone you met at a bar your email address as bsmith@mailinator.com, they may know you’re full of it. Or when replying to an email send to the DEA, your real email may be displayed.

With GMail, you can add an “+ keyword” after your real email address, but again your primary email account would not be private.

So if you use Hotmail, this may be a must.

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