Digitwirl Video: Going Paperless

I have some confessions to make. One, I have not completed the steps to go fully paperless. I’m not sure why, but I like getting paper bills to remind me of their presence even though their due dates are in my calendar. I also will write on the bill when I paid and how I paid and then file the bill into my extremely overcrowded file cabinet. It’s kind of a flawed system.

And two, the following is not my video. Although I do have curly blond hair, that is not me. It’s Carley from Digitwirl. I absolutely love that site and love her videos. And I am happy to report that The Neat Geek is now a syndicate partner with Digitwirl.

So go check out Carley at Digitwirl while I go shred my “to be shredded pile”.

pixel Digitwirl Video: Going Paperless
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