Child-Proof Your iPhone’s Home Button With BubCap

An iPhone is a great phone, am excellent productivity tool, a fantastic entertainment device and occasionally a dynamite baby-sitter.

I’ve mentioned before that my preschooler  absolutely loves my iPod Touch. However she is a child and we know children aren’t too tech savvy. Neither are some parents.

There have been times when she accidentally presses the home button. And then her app closes, and then she whines.

And then I reach for the wine.

No more – BubCap is here to save the day. BubCap is a cover for the home button on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Place the BubCap over the home button to prevent your child from pressing it while they play with their favorite app.

BubCap Child Proof Your iPhones Home Button With BubCap

BubCap is thin and flexible enough for an adult or older child to still access the home button with some pressure, but a younger child cannot. Oh your child is persistent and oddly strong for his age? The BubCap comes in two versions – standard and ultra. Ultra would be for your little Hercules.

BubCap is removable with some muscle. And nails. My daughter didn’t even try. So it was a success in my house.

Keep in mind that BubCap claims it will not work over a protective film. You can always cut your protective film to fit over the screen and not the home button.

BubCap can be purchased for $5 for 4 caps – choose either the regular, ultra or a combo pack of two of each. Sold on the Paperclip Robot website (with free shipping!) or from Amazon.

Disclosure – I was given an intro pack for review, but I was not compensated in any way. Except it was worth it to have my daughter play with an app without closing it every 35 seconds. All opinions are my own.


pixel Child Proof Your iPhones Home Button With BubCap
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1 comment for “Child-Proof Your iPhone’s Home Button With BubCap

  1. Lisa
    November 3, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    I don’t know why someone can’t just make an iphone or iPad cover that has a little flap over the home button allowing the adult to open it and use home button as need be but not the child. I don’t want a sticker that u have to remove with force constantly just a cover that protects the whole device

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