Charge Your iPad Without Wires

Every geek has a love/hate relationship with wires. We realize that they are necessary to sync and charge our devices; but they get in the way, they look messy and there are just too many.

LaunchPort is the first inductive charging and mounting system for your iPad, which does not require any wires. 

The system consists of three parts – the case, which is called the PowerShuttle, the base mount and the wall mount.

iPort LaunchPort Charge Your iPad Without Wires

The PowerShuttle is a sleeve-like, soft touch case that is needed to attach to the mounts for charging. It contains magnets so your iPad can to stick to any magnetic surface. It also features a design that amplifies sound to the front of the iPad.  The BaseStation and WallStation are the chargers. The WallStation is easy to install, contains no wires and even allows you to rotate the iPad while connected.

The LaunchPort is coming soon and you can expect to pay $547 for one BaseStation, WallStation and PowerShuttle . Check out the website for pre-orders.

via GadgetLite

pixel Charge Your iPad Without Wires
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