Bill Paying with Ease

Sometimes it is the simplest things that will help you organize your life.

And sometimes it takes a bit more effort.Even I have not perfected my bill paying system.  Yes, I am admitting that I am not perfect.  Don’t tell my husband.

My problem – when a brand new bill comes in.  Not only do I have to remember to put it in my calendar (and categorize the color as yellow), but I have to remember to set up the bill paying online.  Some companies or banks take a few days to set up, and that is where I sometimes hit a snag.

Oh and I don’t usually sign up for paperless billing for credit cards and the mortgage.  That’s just a personal preference.

Here are a few easy bill paying steps:

  1. When any bill comes in, I open it over the garbage.  This way any unnecessary papers go in the trash and I  just keep the actual bill.  You may want to keep the envelope if you’re planning on mailing your payment.
  2. File your paper bills according to due date.  If your process is to pay bills two times a month, then file your bills from the due dates 1-15 and 16-end of month.   If you pay your bills weekly, file by week.
  3. After you pay a bill, write how payment was made (and how much if not paid in full) on the statement.
  4. File the paid bills and keep for one year.

And here are a few items to make it easier:

Accordian file1 Bill Paying with Ease

7-pocket accordion file. $6.45

Red vintage mail bin Bill Paying with Ease

Red vintage mail bin. $34.99

Black desktop bill organizer Bill Paying with Ease

Wood desktop rotating bill organizer. $49.99

Mahogany desktop bill organizer Bill Paying with Ease

Mahogany desktop bill organizer. $12.99

Spiral bill organizer with pockets Bill Paying with Ease

Spiral notebook bill organizer with pockets. $19.99

Of course you can ignore everything I have said, sign up for paperless billing, automatic bill pay and head to the park.

I’ve tried that, if you’re a control freak like me, it doesn’t work.

pixel Bill Paying with Ease
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