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On a recent reality show episode, a couple assembled a focus group to decide on a name for their unborn child.

People are crazy. Sort of makes the idea of a baby naming app for your iPhone not so ridiculous.

Kick To Pick has a bit of a twist to it –  it’s a name generator, but after you narrow down your search to a few top names, the app will play through the list for your baby to hear in utero and will detect the baby’s movement. The name that gets the most kicks is the name your baby will want to have. Obviously.

Kick to pick Baby Naming Made Simple   Kick To Pick

Kick to Pick offers thousands of baby name ideas if you’re at a loss. After you’ve searched, simply star your favorites and put the phone to your baby bump so your fetus can make its first big decision.

And if one day little Owen doesn’t like his name, you can just tell him he has no one to blame but himself.

via Incredible Things

pixel Baby Naming Made Simple   Kick To Pick
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