An App That Can Save Your Life

Ladies, our plates are full. We have jobs, families, homes and laundry. Not to mention dinners to cook, shopping to do and appointments to make. And every year when we make that super fun trip to the lady doctor, they ask if we’re performing our monthly self-exams. Um, well um, when I um remember.

Now there’s an app that will not only entertain you with hunky guys, but it will also remind you of your self-exams and answer all of your breast cancer questions.

YMR An App That Can Save Your Life

Your Man Reminder is a free app for your iPhone or Android phone. The app includes a choice of man – he will be your reminder – tips on how to perform your self-exam, and signs and symptoms of breast cancer. It also allows you to make notes on what you may find, making it easy to have on hand when you speak with your doctor.

Your hunk will also remind you when you need to make a doctor’s appointment. The app was created by the Rethink Breast Cancer Project and there is a donate button if you’re feeling generous.

For women like me who always forget to do this, this app is great. Especially when a cute guy pops up on your phone and says “give your breasts some TLC”.

pixel An App That Can Save Your Life
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