7 Threats To Your Company’s Data

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What is your data loss prevention plan? Consider this – “24.6 million customers had their personal information compromised from a single data breach in April 2011.”  When you think about it, our entire lives and identities are stored digitally – from websites that save our credit cards, to social media accounts, to documents that we all save in cloud storage. It can be scary.

So how do you stay safe personally and for your business? Well the first step is to identify the 7 Identified Threats, and CDW can help you.

CDW is one of the leading companies that provide technology products and solutions to various types of businesses. And they have recently developed a free brochure titled “7 Identified Threats Against Your Data”

The threats they have identified are:

  1. Malware – dangerous software that captures sensitive information from websites, such as passwords.
  2. Attacks on Web Browsers & Email Attachments – it sometimes can happen so quickly, something pops up as your searching websites or you get an email with an attachment. Next thing you know, your information is compromised.
  3. SQL Injection Attacks – these attacks target websites built on the MySQL database and replaces web pages with corrupt data.
  4. PC Lockdown – internal risks are just as dangerous and large companies often have problems with employees having access to information they should not have, especially after they leave a company.
  5. Passwords – believe it or not, there are plenty of people who still use “password” or “qwerty” as their passwords. Even if a company enforces a strict password policy, employees will leave their passwords on their desks or share them with others.
  6. Wireless Security – connecting to a networks wirelessly has become the norm and even though a device may be secure, if the internet connection is not, it can still lead to problems.
  7. Loss of Mobile Device – mobile devices, such as phones, laptops and tablets contain lots of important information and theft – and sometimes just plain loss – can be detrimental to a business.

Whether your company is thousands of employees or just a few, there is no doubt that your company’s – and possibly your client’s – information is extremely sensitive needs to be safe. CDW can assist you in developing a data loss prevention plan. Better yet, you may qualify for CDW’s Free Security Assessment, which is tailored to your company’s needs and budget. And accounts come with 24/7 telephone support.

Check out CDW’s video below and visit their website for more information.

 7 Threats To Your Companys Data

pixel 7 Threats To Your Companys Data
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